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The company Modul, d.o.o. offers you the service of issuing a product conformity declaration in accordance with all current European toy safety requirements. Our offer includes the following:

Our offer includes the following:

    Review and analysis of requirements: Our expert team is thoroughly familiar with the current European requirements on toy safety and performs a thorough review of your product. This ensures that the product meets all necessary standards in terms of materials, safety, labeling and other aspects relevant to compliance with legislation.
    Preparation of documentation: Based on the analysis, we will prepare appropriate documentation, which includes a declaration of conformity of the product. This document confirms that your toy meets all requirements of European Toy Safety legislation.
    Certification: If necessary, we can help you obtain certificates or certificates that may be required to prove your product's compliance with European standards. Our professional knowledge and experience enable us to successfully participate in the certification process.

Issuing a product declaration of conformity is an important step to ensure the safety of toys and consumer confidence. With our expertise, we can help you achieve compliance with current legislation and ensure the high quality and safety of your product.

For more information about our product declaration of conformity service, including procedures, timelines and costs, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to advise and help you ensure that your toys comply with European safety standards.